A Tribute to Mission Chandrayan 2: Top Bollywood Songs on Moon to Celebrate Its Significance

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    Mission Chandrayan 2: Bollywood has always shared a distinct relationship with the Moon, and we have observed Bollywood’s eternal love for the moon in a number of bollywood songs on moon celebrating the natural satellite as one of the symbols of love and beauty. YES! When everyone is depressed after the partial failure of Mission Chandrayan 2, Flypped is celebrating the efforts of ISRO Scientists, and congratulating them on becoming the first-ever space agency to reach the moon from the south pole.
    The ISRO Officials have shared the news that our Chandrayan Orbiter is safely orbiting the surface, and gave us a reason to celebrate the Mission Chandrayan 2 which is 95% successful. We have enlisted some of the famous Bollywood songs that mention the moon as the symbol of love and beauty. There is no need to mention how the poets have always compared their beloved with the moon, and no praise is complete without its mention; be it the Hindi Phrases or the Bollywood Songs on Chand.