Keto Pro Plus Wow here we go again that's a natural

  • them he's welcome to Health News I'm Lisa Ling and today we focus on Vicar X plus an exciting new product from the lab that makes figure X the staple of men's seeking sexual enhancement figure X plus has taken a proven product and made it even better to discuss all this we're fortunate to have in the studio take a proven product and make it better Michael a Carter a clinical psychologist specializing in couples therapy for more than 10 years and founder of the Institute of relationship and Marcela Fernandez a marriage and family therapist also in France it's a cousin Emerson here's welcome both of you glad to be here Lisa now doctor and your many years of practice what have you found to be some of the more common problems men face uh sustaining a healthy relationship

  • this in there and we put that and they can show you documentaries these people don't do that you understand so instead of selling you a lie they don't sell you the damn pill the pill is a fake shit but that's all they sell you about viagra cialis and them they're gonna sell you every fucking thing good with that pill by showing you what they soak alive in there which is a deception could be potentially interfering with other medications or real medical problems that you have and not catching things that need to be diagnosed and dealt with in an appropriate manner I mean on it checking it on people he's fuckin mailing nice man job don't trust none of you understand